Apostille of foreign documents

Since the 14th of December 2011, public documents issued in Belgium and Luxembourg that are required for procedures in Costa Rica, need only to be apostilled, according to The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (also known as the Apostille Convention), which entered into force last year in our country.

This means that once the document bears an apostille, it can be directly used in Costa Rica and does not require to be brought to this Consulate. The above, as the apostille supresses the legalization requirement of public documents issued in a Signatory State to be used in another State Party; without requiring further authentications.

Below you will find the contact information of the Belgian and Luxembourgish offices in charge of the apostille of their national documents.


  • Belgium

FPS Affaires Étrangères

Service Légalisation
27, rue des Petits Carmes
B-1000 Brussels

Contact data and additional information


  • Luxembourg

Ministère d’Affaires Étrangères

Bureau des Passeports
Section des Passeports et Légalisations
43, bld. Roosevelt
L-2450 Luxembourg

Contact data and additional information


Should you require a Spanish translation of a foreign document, for its use in Costa Rica, you can check here the list of official translators available in Costa Rica.

  • Documents issued in Costa Rica to be used in Belgium or Luxembourg

In the event that you need to present a Costa Rican public document in Belgium or Luxemburg, it must first bear the apostille provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica, located in 7th & 9 th avenues, 11th & 13th streets; telephone number: +506 2223.7555.