Trade policy

  • Ministry of Foreign Trade

The Ministry of Foreign Trade (COMEX) is the governmental institution responsible for the definition, coordination and management of the investment and trade policies of Costa Rica.  Its mission is to promote the insertion of Costa Rica in the globalized economy through the opening of new markets, the diversification of its export offer and the attraction of foreign direct investment in the country.

For more information about Costa Rica’s trade and investment policies you can access the Ministry of Foreign Trade’s web page (available in Spanish).

  • Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica

The Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica (PROCOMER) is a non governmental public entity whose mission is to promote, strenghten, and diversify Costa Rica’s exports to the world. Additionally, one of its principal tasks is to centralize and expedite import and export procedures.

Should you need further information regarding imports and exports to/from Costa Rica, you can contact:

Zacarías Ayub

Director of PROCOMER-Europe

Telephone: +49 89.1392.7792

Fax: +49 89.1392.7818


Address: Zentnerstrasse 19, 80798 Munich, Germany